Our play and learn gift box have been carefully put together to support children's learning and interaction with their parents. Here are some tips on how you can extend your child's learning with our Play and Learn gift box Reading Book - Talk about the pictures in the book, count the objects in the book also use your fingers to count, sing counting songs with your child, open the pages of the book from right to left with your child, talk about the colours and shapes of objects in the book. Colouring Book - Your child can also engage in hours of fun with our colouring book and crayons, engage in discussions about the pictures being coloured in, this activity will support your child's hand and eye co ordination, pencil control and attention Span. Puzzle - The puzzle can be used to support children's learning of animals/Dinosaurs. The content of the puzzle can be used with small people, cooking utensils, cars etc for pretend play. Push Along Toy - Our Push along toy will help your child to balance while pulling the toy and exploring space which supports development of gross motor skills. Keep Sake Box - Children can learn the concept of tidying up by putting their toys away or any other personal items in the box.